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Allure-visage: Semi-permanent Makeup

Telephone 07727099210
Location Newquay
Company Type Beauty
Description Allure visage was created with the purpose to make woman life's easier. Each of us spends hundreds of hours every year drawing an eyebrows evenly or eyeliner half-way straight, not mentioning about necessary corrections during the day and money thrown into topical cosmetics industry each time there is new, 'amazing' product advertised on tv!
Semi-permanent makeup won't replace your mascara or foundation but makes life so much easier and reduce time of that boring daily routine! It gives comfort and brings back confidence, often may even change your life! It's recommended to refresh the colour every few years, but imagine not having to draw it any more or checking if its still there?
Semi-permanent makeup is designed to achieve that natural look so no one knows its there, unless u want them to know!
And the great news is, you don't have to travel far, neither spend lots more than this is necessary. Allure visage is based locally, at Yoshimi Spa in Newquay with price range set to suit everyone, to make this treatment affordable to all ladies, no matter of their status. More info can be found on website and for current offers please visit our facebook page.

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