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Belly Bolly Cornwall

Email [email protected]
Telephone 01326 564744
Location Helston
Company Type Dance
Description Belly Bolly dance is for all women, whatever your age, size, shape or ability. Belly Bolly includes North African (Egyptian, Tunisian, Algerian) Middle Eastern (Turkish, Persian), Indian (Bollywood, Bhangra) and fusion styles like Afro-Cuban-Arabic and Spanish-Arabic. Dance styles are traditional right up to modern. There are cheerful folk dances, lyrical classical dances and sassy, funky urban styles. We also dance with props: veils, scarves, fans, sticks and finger cymbals.
I teach the technique and combinations from scratch, so it doesn't matter if you've never danced like this before! There are choreographed dances and the chance to improvise if you want!
Belly Bolly dancing improves flexibility, muscle tone, balance, coordination and is very effective weight-bearing exercise for bone mass maintenance. Dancing improves concentration and is anti-ageing by firing up lots of neurons in your brain! It helps with confidence, self esteem and self expression You get to dress up and share the company of supportive women. We laugh a lot!
Weekly classes:
7 p.m. Beginner/Improver
8 p.m. Intermed/Advanced
7.45 p.m. Beginner/Improver
8.45 p.m. Intermediate
6.30 p.m. Beginner
WEEKEND WORKSHOPS are held in Spring and Autumn.
My dance group: SEEF SAFFAH perform in festivals and events....see them on my website.
There's much more information on my website:

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